The Dulhan Diaries

I love shaadis! Being a Punjabi girl (balle balle) I enjoy the singing, dancing, dressing up, etc. etc. I started this blog to help out, share ideas for your coming up Indian wedding, and just to share my input on weddings! (I do not own these pictures unless specified.) Feel free to get in touch with me for questions or comments or maybe even share your own wedding details! Contact: Look out for MASALA MUSIC MONDAY (I'll post some music lists that are sure to be hits) and WEDDING VIDEO WEDNESDAY (I'll be posting videos of some weddings)! If you do not want your work on this site, let me know and I will take it off. cheap web hosting

From one Frozen sister to another! Here is another cute tutorial inspired by the Disney movie Frozen. This updo will look great with any outfit and is a great, classy way to keep your hair out of your face!

If you missed the last tutorial I posted click HERE (for Elsa’s braid)


The Dulhan Diaires